The Immortal Murders- Unscripted Murder Mystery

I purchased this party from I highly recommend this game and we can't wait to try another one! They have a variety of unscripted murder mystery parties. For Halloween this year we threw this one, The Immortal Murders, and it was a blast! It gave us adults a chance to dress up and have fun. Rather than sitting around a table and reading lines from a booklet, each character is given a few pieces of background information, some secrets, and some goals to accomplish, however they devise, during the night. This leaves a lot of room for creativity, improvisation, plotting, and fun! Everyone gets a wad of cash to use how they will- blackmail, bribery, extortion- a spell card or two to cast, and best of all, the opportunity to find weapon cards to commit MORE murders during the evening! This was so much more than the typical murder mystery parties we've hosted in the past. So much more fun! Read more about it on their website, you'll just have to try it out for yourself!

The Were Clan-
Anubis, Bastet, Isis, Seth

The Vampires-
Cynthia, Prince Allendro, Natasha, Gregori

The Mages-
Arthur, Guinevere, Morganna, Merlin

The Fae-
Queen Tatiana, King Oberon, Nineve

The Mortal Watchers-
Jason, Professor Jackson, Keiran, Ellora

Snapshots of a night of mayhem...

Seth was my (Bastet's) slave... Puck, the prankster fairy, bet me 50 bucks that I couldn't get him to crawl up the stairs without arms. My faithful little servant was obedient, of course, so I won 50 bucks!

Then Puck and Jason decided to give Seth a swirly

Prince Allendro put the moves on Guinevere
Gregori and Keiran in their final moments....
King Oberon and Morganna call for a Council meeting

Anubis was my protector and did a great job shewing people away who got too close, and even went so far as to taste test a drink I'd had Seth fetch for me, making sure it wasn't poisoned!
I got some bad news at the Council meeting
Attending to a few escaped imps...
Arthur and Guinevere had a rather troubled marriagePoor Natasha pined for Prince Allendro
The Inquisitor reads the Solution and we find out who is the Killer among us!
We had all of the kids (imps) downstairs (in the dungeon) for their own little party. I'd provided paper bags labeled #1, #2, #3, etc. In bag #1 was a DVD movie, a few bags of microwave popcorn to pop, and small paper bags for each of them to divvy up the popcorn. When that was done, they moved on to bag #2, a game of Halloween Bingo, with another bag of little prizes, and a ziploc baggie of M&Ms for each kid to use as Bingo markers. Bag #3 contained crayons and coloring pages. They turned it into their own little coloring contest. Some did escape and come upstairs, but we tried to keep them out of the way of all the conniving and consorting and murdering going on!


  1. hi, i'm looking to buying this game and i saw your review on dinner and a murder, since it's going to be for my birthday i want to be involved in the game itself but since i'm also hosting will that ruin it? should i just have my boyfriend act as host or can you host without knowing too much?


  2. You can play a character and host with no problem. Only the killer knows whodunnit before the solution is read at the end of the evening.

  3. Thanks for this post! I am planning on throwing this same party for halloween. Question for you...I am inviting several couples, and would like to spare them the awkwardness of having a character who is supposed to hit on another character throughout the night if that character isn't their spouse. Is there a way to plan for this?

  4. Our Guest List Worksheet will tell you how to assign your couples, so no one is having an affair or flirtation with another person outside the couple. In this game Merlin and Authur think they are latharios, so you will want to tell them before the party to keep their character's lecherous ways away from real life couples! :) Hope this helps!

  5. Oh! I never thanked you for your great review of our game! I am so happy to hear that you and your people enjoyed the game so much!

    I have to agree, interactive games are sooooo much better than those table or scripted games. Unfortunately, it's hard to know which you are going to get. I had scripted game sellers tell me theirs weren't scripted! If you sit and read from cards, your game is scripted!

    Anyway, got off track with my distaste for scripted games! ;) If you ever want to host another one of ours and blog about it, just email me for a coupon to buy your next game at a discount! Be sure to include a link to your blog.